Allison Nicole Designs


Founder and Head Designer:


Allison Nicole Berger


Allison Nicole Berger, head designer and owner of Allison Nicole Designs, was born and raised in Laurel, Maryland. Her love for sewing sparked at a very young age as she saw all the beautiful creations her grandmother made.

“I remember when I was little my grandmother would always be doing hand-embroidery and painting beautiful things like flowers, butterflies, and animals (a lot of natural things). We have many quilts that were hand-sewn by her, and she hand-embroidered and painted beautiful designs on each one. I remember sewing and painting with her and I am so grateful that she helped me and taught me many things. Even though she is not with us anymore, she will always be with me in spirit.”

Allison then displayed her passion for design at the early age of 8, when she learned to use her grandmother’s sewing machine. She got hooked on Project Runway, and then her grandmother got her a sewing machine for Christmas when she was 12. As she grew, so did her love for creativity and art. She found pleasure in drawing and transforming two dimensional patterns and drawings into real, tangible clothing.
            Later, Allison worked and interned with a few different sewing/design studios throughout high school and college and now has her B.S. in Apparel and Merchandising/Apparel Design and Production. Allison has decided to develop her own line and follow her dreams. Her line, Allison Nicole Designs, is inspired by the female figure, soft and flowing fabrics and florals. The main design elements complete a stunning array of silhouette, color and the perfect mix of textures.

“When I think of designing, I think of the female figure, soft and flowing fabrics, flowers, colors and things from nature, something that is pleasing to look at, and something that is flattering on the female figure.”

Allison believes that all women are beautiful and unique, and she strives to create custom garments specifically for you. Making stunning apparel that makes you feel gorgeous is what she loves! She can also alter your current wardrobe to fit you perfectly.